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About Us

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Born from the vision of a passionate professional seeking to revolutionize online business management, Just Hand It Over has evolved into a powerhouse of tailored solutions.

Our journey began by assembling a collective of diverse talents—experts in various domains—to create a robust foundation capable of addressing a wide spectrum of business needs. This collaborative approach allows us to offer comprehensive solutions, tackling challenges from multiple angles and providing unparalleled support.

At Just Hand It Over, our commitment to efficiency and innovation drives us to continuously expand our team's expertise, ensuring that we're always equipped to navigate the evolving landscape of online business.

Focused on empowering service providers to scale effortlessly, our mission is clear: to redefine the way businesses manage their operations, with a dedicated team ready to support your journey.


June 2020 - Present

Hi, I'm Randi.
The Owner of Just Hand It Over

In June 2020, I founded Just Hand It Over after departing from my management role in ophthalmology amidst the pandemic. Realizing the value of my skill set in the transitioning landscape toward remote work and online operations, I took the leap to create tailored solutions. Building upon my experience, I curated a virtual team of diverse talents to empower businesses in navigating the evolving world of hybrid work models.

Twilight Medical

TM icon.png

A Step In the Right Direction

Twilight Medical reached out to me during a crucial phase in their business evolution. With their rapid growth, they recognized the need for personalized team management, improved client communications, and enhanced operational strategies. Together, we fine-tuned their business approach, refining how they cater to customers and empowering their team with the resources needed for sustainable success.

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